Online Strategy Guide for Facebooks browser game Battle Pirates by Kixeye

Strategy Advice, Gameplay Tips, Base Designs, Online Fleet Planner Shipyard

  This Website is dedicated to Help, Advice and Strategy for Battle Pirates, which is an online Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game on Facebook made by Kixeye, released May 2, 2011. is operated by a team of Battle Pirates players, and is not affiliated with Kixeye in any way, although we are pro-Kixeye and most of the time support their decisions, but not always we play the game also and understand any grievances.

  We take a tough stance against any form of cheating, and work hard to supply players with reliable Battle Pirates strategy advice, tips, information and guides about the game, there are also facebook comment boxes to discuss and learn new aspects of the game with other players.

  If you have any advice, tips, guidance, base pictures, you think would be beneficial to this site please Contact Us

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