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Battle Pirates Base Design Guide

Good Base Design is very important in battle pirates, and fleets should be secondary. Most bases have an inside island, surrouded by a strip of land in a spiral fashion with turrets at an entrance that the attacker must pass past in order to get the resources holding buildings.

Land layout, good turret placement and a complimenting base patrol all work together to make a Solid Base to hold your resources, research and build ships from.

Base Design Tutorial Video - How to Make a Tough Outpost Design (Level 3, 4 and 5) to Keep Out the Strongest Fleets from the Most Persistent Attackers.

Key Building To Keep Safe, in list of priority

  1. Outpost (if destroyed you will lose 20% of your total resources, if hitting for alliance points and destroyed together with over 50% base damage the oposing alliance will gain 200 points)
  2. Dock (without a fully repaired dock fleets can not be launched or repaired, takes 4 hours to repair a level 10 dock)
  3. Launch Pad (can not build rockets without a launch pad, they take a long time to repair, 36 hours for a level 5)
  4. Warehouses (lose 10% of total resources per warehouse destroyed)
  5. Upgrading/Researching Buildings, Shipyard (each time they are destroyed the timer till it finishes will be put back a few hours)
  • Buildings such as resource generators, radio tower, traders post have little importance if destroyed, and are often used in base defence to distract enemy fire, taking longer to destroy the turrets.

It is important for the Patrol Fleet to complement and work with the turrets.

Keep in mind that attackers can first attack a base to prep it before the main attack, destroying turrets and patrol fleets taking the base close upto 25% damage, so that it doesnt bubble.
A good land layout is needed, but more important is the turret placement. without good turret placement your base wont keep your resources safe.
You are not forced to have defensive turrets in a base, but they will massively help slow down an attacker for your other weapons to do damage.

The are 3 main types of base designs to choose from, each has advantages and disadvantages:

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