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Offensive Base Design: Victory Mortar/Halo Missile/Arc Missile/Javelin Turrets

Using many longrange weapons, halo missiles, arc missiles, victory mortars or javelin turrets to sink the attacker, these turrets fire further than all ship weapons, so they can not be outranged.

With vics use slideloader 3 in the special slot and have 4 or more vics to overload the attackers ship antimortars, have the vics placed behind cerbs and howis (that are covered by bombards and flaks), have all the vics firing at the same time while the attacker is hitting the cerbs and howis.

Use similar placement as with vics for the halo missile or arc missile setups, use thermobaric casing special, or scramjet engine if the halos/arc are placed further back, as with vics you want the halos/arcs to be firing as your howis and cerbs are getting hit.

For Javelin turrets use depleted uranium shells in the special slot to increase the ballistic damage.

battle pirates base planner design


  • Sinks Attacking Fleets Fast
  • Hard to prep


  • Victory mortars may be countered with ship antimortars and may take no damage
  • Halo and Arc missiles damage is greatly reduced facing a fleet with high missile protection
  • Javelin Turrets will miss against a fleet with high evade
  • Longer range weapons tend to be less effective against fast blitz rush-in attacks

Best Patrol Ships

For Mortar bases, drac shockwaves or assault mortars firing at the same time as the vic mortars, when the attacker is targeting the first turrets.

For halo and arc missile bases use goliaths fitted with HB3 and Cannons, as the attacking fleet will likely choose RA3 special and will be vulnerable against ballistic damage.

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