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Battle Pirates Hiding Fleets - How to Hide under a Drac Base and Hit Fleets Hiding under Drac Bases

Hiding under drac bases can offer your fleets protection from being hit by other players, this is particularly useful when you are prepping or hitting a base and you need your fleets close by for addional attacks or to offer FVF support.

To hide fleets under drac bases follow these steps:

  1. First bookmark the base.

  2. Move to a point that travels through the drac base.

  3. When you fleet is moving through the base, click the bookmark and move here.

Or you can move directly to the bookmark if you approach the base from the top.

However, there are methods to hitting fleets hidden under drac bases. To make the fleets under the drac base appear, so you can quickly click them and engage in an attack, you will need to create lag so that the fleets under the drac base load before the base does.

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Sit your fleet close to the drac base.
  2. Clear your internet cache (explained in the less lag video).
  3. Reload the game.
  4. As soon as the game loads quickly go to the map, and click your fleet tab at the bottom.
  5. There is a chance the fleets will load before the drac base does, if they have click the fleets fast and select 'attack fleet'.
  6. Often the drac base will load before the fleets do, and it is likely to take many attempts before the fleets load first. If the drac base loads before the fleets underneath repeat steps 2 to 5.

Another way of hitting fleets under the drac bases is if you see the fleet before it has gone into the drac base, if at anytime it stops on the map click the fleet, but do not click the 'attack fleet' option and leave the pop-up box on the screen, wait till the fleet has moved under the drac base and then click 'attack fleet', your fleet will then go under the drac base and engage in an attack with the hidden fleet.

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