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Battle Pirates glitch, ghost and clone ships and fleets explained and why not to do it

Instant repair glitching is a trick used by Battle Pirates players to repair their fleets and bases without waiting and without spending resources or facebook credits. They all work on the way the game registers the damage, and tricks in how these changes can be overwritten. There are many different ways to trick the system into instantly repairing your ships, known as glitch repairing, cloning, ghosting, many consider players who use these methods are labelled cheats and many frown upon it so be warned. Most of the techniques work best when high lag and slow game connection speed is experienced, many players accidently glitch, clone, ghost fleets due to game problems beyond their control.

Glitching to get instant fleet repairs in Battle Pirates has been present since the games early stages. These methods and game programming exploits get fixed and patched over with time as the game developers discover them, often through players reporting others to Kixeye. It is worth noting that Kixeye takes a very negative stance against players who exploit game glitches and routinely ban players for this reason, swinging the ban hammer with the almighty words "cheating will not be tolerated". It is recommended that players do not use glitchs to escape waiting for fleets to repair, as being banned by Kixeye will mean lose of all game progress. After players have been banned it is upto Kixeyes discretion whether banned players be given a second chance, although this second chance will include a reset of your account back to level 1 and will also lose all acquired game draconian blueprints.

Here is a list of known glitches, through the history of Battle Pirates:

*We strongly advise you do not use game glitches and play straight, be a legitimate player and either coin repairs or wait on the repair timers to run down. If you do choose to use game glitches this is totally your decision, and remember the penalties of losing your account reset back to level 1 start and losing all the blueprints you have gained over time should be a big enough deterrent.

One of the first glitches was the countdown till fleet docks glitch. Another way of instantly repairing your fleets later emerged by using the friends bar along the bottom of the game screen, to view their bases and this also worked to overwrite any damage to your fleet and also worked on damage to your base. Another method later found was by having a friend attack your base and do some damage. The newest most recent way of glitch repairing is Battle Pirates ghosting, also known as Battle Pirates cloning fleets, is a method of creating duplicates of your ships out on the map screen

Overtime Kixeye fixes these glitches, however players have always discovered new ways of glitch repairing there fleets to avoid spending coins or waiting for repair timers to run down.

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