Online Strategy Guide for Facebooks browser game Battle Pirates by Kixeye

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Competing in Monthly Raids and Weekly Missions to Win Prizes without using game gold coins

For this task we chose a Seawolf, as these are fast, have a decent natural evade, have less than 600 armor points so can be instant speed repaired for free, and have 3 special slots, they are available to all players to research.

We keep the armour to 660 points, so with a fixer officer in the great hall the SW's can be individually repaired in the docks for free, instantly, no waiting around for ships to repair or spending coins. If you choose not to have a fixer officer limit the armor to 600 points.

Since the dracs on the raid events do a lot of missile damage we chose reactive armor special, the most important special in raids. We use guidance scrambler to also lessen the damage from the dracs, the increased evade means more of the dracs missiles, cannons and torpedos will miss (note: evade is the only protection from torpedos for most hulls). Use engine to get upto the dracs quickly, taking less damage, and also to help avoid mortars

Stick to lower level dracs, ie. level 28. Hit many and the points will add up.

You can control the fleet, to avoid mortars and keep away from the short range drac weapons. Or run many of these fleets on auto, sticking to lower level draconian operation hubs and typhoons, if you are letting many fleets run on auto, it is recommended to put one or two ship antimortar (hellstorm, hailstorm) on each ship to deal with the mortars.

When your fleet is finished, repair you fleet ship-by-ship for free using the last 5 min speed-up for free. Raid event points without spending money on fleet repair.

It is possible you will have to hit salvage cargo fleets on the side to afford repair costs (see cargo fleets in the above fleet build tab, the hammerhead auto fleet is perfect for this).

If you dont have level 3 specials yet, substitute for the same level 1 or 2, change reactive armor 3 for drac compound X if you won that blueprint. If you dont have the Seawolf hull researched use cannon Battle Barges with engine and reactive armor specials.

You can experiment with different weapons to thuds, but the thuds range is superior to the other cannons, and does enough damage to destroy the dracs fast enough on the lower level typhoons and operation hubs.

Have you used an instant speed repair fleet on raids, what are your thoughts on this ship build?: