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Video showing How to Beat Salvage Fleets Level 40 and 51 Cargo on Auto taking No Damage.
Using Assault Missile Hammerheads, and Siege Torp Spectres. The builds are explained in the Video.

Battle Pirates Fleet Build Guide

  Examples of Ships Builds. There are Ship Designs for all levels of players, but the same combinations of Weapons, Armor and Specials on the late game fleet build will also work for lower level players.

  When you are building a Fleet divide the total weight limit of your Dock by 5, and build each ship to this weight. For example, Dock 10 Weight is 27,548 ÷ 5 = Maximum Ship Weight should not exceed 5,509.

  If you don't yet have the draconian tech weapons keep hitting them cargo's for blueprints. Substitute drac missiles for cutlass 3 and 4, balistics for Thuds 4, and mortars use Peacemaker 2 and 3.

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