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Mid Game Fleet Builds - Recommended Fleets for Players level 25-40

Mid Game Fleet Fighter

 A high damage ship build. Using the battle barges natural speed and maneuverability to the autoloader thud cannons get within striking range. Battle Barges also hold considerabley more cargo than marauders, which make them good haulers.

  • Battle Barge (Naval Lab 6)
  • Titanium 3, Titanium 4(Naval Lab 7)
  • 4 x Thud 4* (Weapons Lab 2)
  • HB1, AL1 (Advanced Lab 5)

* this fleet fit also works well with ripper cannons 4

Mid Game Base Hitter

 A base hitter suited to most mid game bases, that commonly have many sentinel turrets. With the missile damage protection sentinels can be ignored, as you target the howizters and cerberus and then move inside the base.

  • Battle Barge (Naval Lab 6)
  • Titanium 3 (Naval Lab 6)
  • 3 x Peacemaker 1, 1 x Hailstorm B* (Weapons Lab 6)
  • RA2, HES1 (Advanced Lab 6)

* if you don't have Hailstorms subsitute for Hellstorm 2

Mid Game Salvage Fleet / Fleet Fighter

 It is advisable to work towards unlocking the Seawolf hull as early as possible, they make great fast fleet fighters using there speed to kite the enemy and also open cargo effortlessly. As SW are refittable, use the best available tech you have and refit them as your research better

  • Seawolf (Naval Lab 8)
  • Titanium 4 (Naval Lab 7)
  • Cutlass 2/3 (Weapons Lab 7)
  • Lazer 3*, SFB 2, Engine 2 (Advanced Lab 8)

* lazer more suited for cargo, reactive armor for FvF

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