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Raid Event Fleet Builds - Recommended Fleets for use in the Raid Events, such as Lightning Run

Early Game Raid Fleet

 A fleet for players around level 25 in the raid events. Using Battle Barge hull with thud and ripper cannons. Missile protection is particularly important when defeating the draconians.

  • Battle Barge* (Naval Lab 6)
  • Steel 4(Naval Lab 6)
  • 1 x Thud 4, 3 x Ripper 4 (Weapons Lab 6)
  • Engine 1, RA 2 (Advanced Lab 6)

* similar weapons and special setups will work on smaller hulls

Mid Game Raid Event Fleet

 For mid game players, whose level is around level 35. This build is fast for catching up to the dracs, and the reactive armor special really helps absorb the damage from the many missiles fired by the dracs.

  • Leviathan (Naval Lab 8)
  • Titanium 4 or DU4(Naval Lab 8)
  • 2 x Thuds 4, 3 x Rippers 4* (Intel Lab 6)
  • Engine 2, RA2 (Advanced Lab 8)

* if you have the blueprints, use assault/ siege cannons

Late Game Raid Event Fleet

 Fleet suited to higher level players of level 40 and above, with level 10 labs and level 3 ship specials researched. A big armored ship, that can take handle a lot damage, capable of defeating the high level drac's.

  • Hammerhead (Naval Lab 10)
  • DU4 or D4-M or D4-E(Naval Lab 10)
  • 2 x Thuds 4, 4 x Rippers 4* (Intel Lab 6)
  • Engine 3, RA3 (Advanced Lab 10)

* if you have the blueprints, use assault/ siege cannons

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