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Anti-Sub Fleet Fighter Fleet Builds - Fleet Fighters designed for going against subs with a big sonar detection range and weapons capable of hitting submerged targets.

Battlecruiser Lazer Missile Fleet Build

 Anti-Sub fleet fighter which can detect subs from a of range 105-115, the Lazer special will mean the sub will be hit when they are submerged.

  • Battlecruiser Hull (Blueprint from Raids)
  • 3 x D4-M (Blueprint from Raids)
  • 1 x Assault Missile R, 3 x Strike L (Blueprint from Cargo)
  • SFB 3, Lazer 3, Sonar 3 (Advanced Lab 10)

Battlecruiser Missile and Torpedo Fleet

 Another ship build with a great sub detection range, the added spped from engine will help track down subs that are trying to escape.

  • Battlecruiser Hull (Blueprint from Raids)
  • 3 x D4-M (Blueprint from Raids)
  • 1 x Assault Missile R, 1 x Assault Torps, 2 x Havoc 4(Blueprint from Cargo)
  • Engine 3, Lazer 2, Sonar 3 (Advanced Lab 10)

* Use Havoc 4, if you dont possess the drac torp blueprint

Stalker Sub Torpedo Fleet

 With Sonar 3 the Stalker will also detect subs from a range of 105-115 away, with more armor this is an excellent fleet for combating cudas.

  • Stalker Hull (Naval Lab 9)
  • 2 x D4-M (Blueprint from Raids)
  • 4 x Havoc Torp 4 (Weapons Lab 6)
  • Engine 3, Sonar 3 (Advanced Lab 10)

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