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Missile Cruiser X Base Hitter Fleet Build - For attacking other Players Bases. The Missile Cruiser Xs inbuilt increaed Missile Reload and Flak Evasion Bonus makes it a perfect siege missile base hitting ship.

Missile Cruiser X Siege Missile Base Fleet

 Good fleet for getting into bases with many mortars or missiles. The 9000 armor points and C armor will always help when faced against Goliaths. Has 80% Missile Protection to take the damage from Halos. And the 3 Hailstorms to shoot down Vic Mortars.

  • Missile Cruiser X Hull
    (Blueprint from Raids)

  • 3 x D4-C, 1 x D1-C
    (Blueprint from Raids)

  • 2 x Siege Missile F, 2 x Hail B, 1 x Hail A, 1 x Strike
    (From Blueprints)

  • RA 3, SFB 3, Lazer 3
    (Advanced Lab 10)

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