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Flash Player Settings for Less InGame within Kixeyes Battle Pirates

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Change your Flash Settings to reduce in-game Lagging, so Battle Pirates runs smoother and loads faster.

Battle-Pirates is a flash browser game, the flash settings you choose will effect the in-game lag you experience.

Changing the Flash Player Settings

  • When in Battle Pirates. Right click in the Games Window
  • Select 'Settings' from the Context Menu
  • In the monitor tab at the bottom, Deselect the check box for 'Hardware Acceleration'
  • Finally, select the 'Folder' tab at the Bottom. Move the Slider all the way to the Right, to 'Unlimited'

And your Settings are Updated, Enjoy Playing with Less Lag!

A very important factor in flash browser games is the browser you choose, found the game runs best in google chrome. Also, try the different browsers and see how Battle Pirates plays, others have reported different browsers work best on their computer.

Periodically, every Day or Week, it is good practice to delete your Browsers Cache, which is the store of Temporary Internet Files. These files build up over time, and often slow your gameplay down.

Delete Web Cache in Google Chrome: Click the 'Settings Tab' in the top right of the browser window. Select 'History' from the drop down menu. And then the 'Clear All Browsing Data' button. Tick the 'Empty The Cache' tick box, and then 'Clear Browsing Data Box'.

Delete Web Cache in Microsoft Internet Explorer: Bring up the menu bar by right clicking in the space at the top, go to 'Tools' on the top menu bar, select 'Delete Browsing History' from the drop down menu, tick the 'Temporary Internet Files' box, click Delete.

Delete Web Cache in Mozilla Firefox: Bring up the Menu Bar by right clicking, click on 'Tools', and 'Clear Recent History' from the drop down menu, tick the 'Cache' tick box, click the 'Clear Now' button.

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