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Someone recently took out a number of fleets hidden under a DRAC base. How?

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I can understand one fleet getting hit...maybe even two. There is a way to do it using the lag effect. However this player took out five or more fleets My question is, is there a technique...or is it a hack?
asked Jan 25, 2013 by anonymous

3 Answers

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It's a lag Glitch. when you leave base or scroll quickly or move to ship at drac after leaving base, it sometimes allows you to see under. If you click on the fleet to attack then you have a lock on. Not all can see or do it and it depends on server and lag time
answered Feb 7, 2013 by anonymous
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There is a technique.  1.  Bookmark drac base.  2.  Move to bookmark.  3.  Refresh browser.  4.   Game re-opens in base view.  Click "Fleets"  5.  Doubleclick the fleet you put under  the base.  5.  Click "yes"- find fleet at sea.
answered Feb 11, 2013 by anonymous
Yeah, but it can take 15 - 20 times...
It's also regarded as a "cheat" by Kixeye, and you will be permanently banned for it if the other player records it.  I saw it happen.
after i doubleclick the ship , no yes appeared
it is not a ban-able offence, i emailed kixeye when my fleet was hit and they said that drac bases were never designed to be hiding spots so in-fact you are wrong. Don't dictate if you don't know facts :)
there is a way but i will not post it for with power cums grate responsibility just no that if it happen's a lot there is no play's you can hide your fleet's but in your base
I need that power.. an the bookmark way doesn't always if at all works
plz post
0 votes
Its a Program called AD-Block.  It allows a person to remove objects from a screen like pop-ups.  In this case you can do drac bases, player bases, strong holds, salvages, just about any object you wish.
answered Sep 10, 2014 by anonymous