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Teaming Up: Alliances

 Since Battle Pirates began players formed teams/groups/alliances as they like the team work and commandarie of playing with, helping out and supporting other likeminded gamers. In February 2013, Kixeye introduced the ingame alliance feature, players can create and join alliances to benefit from the alliance quota, such as upto 20% faster ship weapon reload and faster rocket build times.

  In-game alliance members will be assigned to bonus roles based on player level. The chief (leader) will have the option to promote them once they've leveled up. Players will remain in their role until they have been promoted. The 10 members with the most points are counted towards total bonus. An Alliance can maximize the available bonus for that role by having all ten members reach their weekly quota. You can view the maximum available bonuses by clicking on each bonus.

 Each member in will have a 1000 alliance points weekly quota which as they earn points will give a bonus to all members in the alliance. Each quota for the whole alliance can earn upto 10,000 points (ie. 10 members earning 1000 points each).

  • Scavengers - help the whole alliance plunder more effectively. Bonuses per 10000 points: +20% Blueprint Drop Rate, +25% Salvage Loot
  • Navigators - streamline the alliance ships. Bonuses per 10000 points: +20% Fleet Map Speed, +20% Ship Turn Speed
  • Armorers - help the alliance ships aviod damage in battle. Bonuses per 10000 points: +10% Ship compound armor, +10% Ship evade
  • Defenders - help protect the alliances bases. Bonuses per 10000 points: +20% Base turret reload rate, +20% Base turret defenses
  • Rocketeers - help the alliance build faster launch pad rockets. Bonuses per 10000 points: -20% Launch pad rocket build times
  • Gunners - increase the alliance ships firepower in battle. Bonuses per 10000 points: +10% Ship weapon reload rate, +20% Ship weapon accuracy

 There are two different ways Alliance members can earn Points. First method rom opening cargo that is 10 levels below your level or higher, 5 alliance points will be awarded per salvage beaten, getting alliance points through hitting cargo will be slow (200 needed to be opened to fulfill the weekly quota). The second and faster way is by destroying the bases of similar or higher level players in other alliances, players above level 50 recieve alliance points for attacking any players base above level 50, for example a players of level 80 will recieve points for attacking a player who is level 50. Players will recieve 200 alliance points if they deal 50% or more base damage and destroy the outpost building in a single attack. The points awards will be doubled to 400 points if the base is set to an enemy posture.

Alliance Points go towards leveling up your Alliance and buffing your Alliance bonuses. Keep in mind that targets must be above an appropriate level, which will be indicated on the My Alliance page. Alliance Points can be earned by, Destroying a Neutral Alliance Player Base, Destroying an Enemy Alliance Player Base (Destroying a base is determined by doing 50% damage and destroying the base in a single attack), and Destroying Cargo Fleets.

 After you have joined an Alliance, you will notice the separate Alliance tab in your Comms window. Only members of your Alliances will be able to view and respond to messages. At the start when a new Alliance is made, it can have up to 30 members. As the Alliance levels up, its member capacity increases. On the Members Tab of the My Alliances page, Alliance members will be able to see who is part of their Alliance.

 Also, there is a Recruit Members tab at the top right corner for the Alliance chief leader that will suggest possible candidates for the Alliance. The Alliances Leaderboard will display all the Alliances that are currently in the game and can be filtered by Sector and/or World.

 From the Alliances Leaderboards page, the head of the Alliance chief can declare another Alliance as an Enemy. Enemy Alliance Bases are worth twice as many points as Neutral Alliance bases. Only one Enemy Alliance can be declared each week. The Alliance leader can designate one enemy per week and will receive a bonus for hitting enemy Alliance bases. Alliances will also be designated as hostile if they have flagged your Alliance as an enemy and a ring ring will appear around enemy bases (a red ring will also appear around your alliance bases to the enemy). Having another alliance declared as an enemy will mean to standard 200 points from destroying their base (over 50% base damage and outpost destroyed in a single attack) will be doubled and increased to 400 points.

 When players join an alliance they will have a flag above their base, a new tag at the end of their name, bonuses to certain aspects of their gameplay and a second comms chaat channel, this is another chat room tab in the bottom left next to sector comms, which only others members of your alliance can use. This comms works in the same way as sector comms, meaning you can post base co-ords and talk as normal, but other members of your sector (not in your alliance) can not view what you are putting.

 Being part of an alliance can make the game great fun, and if anyone attacks you will have the backup from your team, which will hopefully lessen any threat against you. Alliance members should all try to help each other when possible so that they will help you back when you need it. Many alliances use a facebook group to communicate, some use additional VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software, such as skype, teamspeak, ventrillo. Share ideas ship weapons and armor combinations or base designs to encourage others to do likewise and to show what works well so that all of your alliance can improve their bases, ships and skill.

If you are looking to join an Alliance, or if you are starting or have an Alliance and would like to Recruit

Post in the Alliance Forum, please Add your Level and Sector: